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Alex Lippert

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  • Afterwork : An Honest Discussion About The Retirement Lie And How To Live A


    Enjoy having 10 powerful disciplines and practical applications you can easily use to break free of an unfulfilling retirement and step forward into a new, remarkably fulfilling season-regardless of how you’ve defined “work.” Afterwork is a healthy and hopeful approach to retirement -and it may be different than conventional wisdom.

    Our society declares that a self-focused, uber-comfortable, and vacation-minded retirement is what we want. That retirement is mostly a financial problem to be solved. What could possibly go wrong with double the free time and less structure in your life? But, this is where we go wrong. The retirement lie says that a successful retirement is an endless vacation based on financial security, but this way of thinking is a down payment toward purposelessness and disappointment. Afterwork:

    *Exposes the retirement lie
    *Explores the 10 key disciplines to avoid a destiny of disillusionment
    *Opens you to a life of purpose and meaning

    The afterwork mindset and its disciplines are applicable to anyone. Perhaps you’re leaving a traditional career. Your children are grown and gone. Maybe you’ve sold your business. Harder still, you may be navigating the unfathomable passing of a loved one. Preparing for and living well through these tectonic shifts requires serious reflection, intentional thinking and healthy mindsets. That’s afterwork, and its quest for you is to thrive in the most impactful, purposeful season of your life, whether you’re 45 or 75.

    How Does Afterwork Help?

    Afterwork is an honest discussion about the “retirement lie” and a guide to living a future worthy of God’s plan for you. Afterwork will help you:

    *Sidestep the loaded word “retire” in favor of a purposeful new season
    *Realize you’re not a “has been”-you are the strongest, most impactful version of you yet
    *Cope with the reality vs. the daydream of the afterwork life and start thriving
    *Avoid the traps of the retirement “sugar rush” and “retirement drift”
    *Shift your focus from money and “happiness” to meaning and impact
    *And more!

    You’re more than the pile of money and assets in your retirement account-you’re a living, breathing person and one with a lot of life yet to live! If you want to experience your post-career season in the most purposeful and impactful way possible, this is the book for you. Who will you be afterwork?

    The 10 Key Disciplines of Afterwork

    Each of Afterwork’s key disciplines will help you take back control of what

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