I’m a blueloon. I’m supposed to be a regular balloon,
but I’m just not having fun like the others.

I’m kinda dull, and I’m kinda flat.

My string is tied up in knots.

I have a case of the blues, that’s why I’m a blueloon.

I’ve felt like this for weeks!

(Grades 2 and up) Meet Blueloon, a sad little balloon who is suffering from depression. With help from the wise rock, Blueloon learns what he can do to “bounce back” to being the way he used to be, a bright, round, and full with a very straight string! Although clinical depression is often thought of as an adult disease, it can affect children, as well. Unfortunately, children may not have the maturity to understand what is happening to them, or they may feel powerless to change their situation, so they don’t speak up about what they are going through. It is up to adults to be on the lookout for signs of trouble, and recognize when a child needs help.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781937870041
Julia Cook | Illustrator: Anita DuFalla
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: National Center For Youth Issues


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