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Allison Allen

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  • Hidden Bible Study Guide Plus Streaming Video (Student/Study Guide)


    Discover the gift found in a life that doesn’t seek to be seen.

    In a world where excellence is equated to exposure, and legacy is equated to social media likes, what does it mean to embrace a hidden life?

    What does it look like to exchange:

    *Performance culture for unconditional love?
    *Visibility for inherent value?
    *Earthly accolades for heavenly reward?
    *Enslavement to people-pleasing for freedom in Christ?
    *Hiding from life for being hidden in God?

    In Scripture, Jesus presents us an astoundingly countercultural way of existing–one without the pressure to perform or make a platform. The life Jesus offers us is focused on him. Simply and surely. Living a concealed life, whether known by many or by none, is about resetting our motivations and focus.

    In this study, we will learn from and relate our own stories to examples of multiple concealed characters in the Bible including the Sons of Korah, Cleopas, Huldah, the Daughters of Shallum, Pilate’s Wife, and Gideon. Join Allison Allen as she explores the power, purpose, and delight of hiddenness in Christ.

    This study guide includes:

    *Biblical context and character history lessons
    *Group discussion questions
    *Individual access to six streaming video lessons from Allison
    *Personal Bible study between sessions for reflection and application

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