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Amber Pike

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  • Family Cookbook Devotional


    Families today are busy, and it’s tough to make time for devotions. Parents want to pass on their faith to their children, but sitting down doing a devotion workbook might not be feasible or desirable for them. But everyone needs to eat! What if making time to dive into God’s Word together could be the same as getting ready for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? The Family Cookbook Devotional combines family devotion time with the everyday experience of cooking and enjoying food together as a family.

    Each Weekly Devotion Includes:
    *1 fun, easy-to-do recipe for kids to follow (with simple ingredients and step-by-step instructions)-adults are the helpers!

    *Easy-to-understand devotion to practically connect the recipe to the Bible lesson

    *Memory verse

    *7 days of devotions (including discussion questions and prayers)

    *Prayer prompts to use all week (before meals, at bedtime, etc.)

    Each devotion starts out with a fun, delicious treat for families to create together in the kitchen. This is not a complicated book of recipes for adults to make, but rather a fun activity book for kids to cook with them! The recipes are simple enough that even young children can participate, not just standing and watching. From cakes being baked to creating your own popsicle recipe, there are treats and snacks to delight kids of all ages. After the recipe is complete, families will read the devotion, learning from the Word of God by actually diving into and using their Bibles. Each devotion also includes scripted discussion time.

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  • Exploring The Bible Through History


    How can you help kids get the big picture” of the Bible? How can you help them understand the Bible’s place in history?

    Exploring the Bible Through History is the first in a series of interactive Bible lesson resources based off of Rose Publishing’s Giant 10-Foot Bible Timeline. This book features twenty-five Bible lessons, in which children, through multiple activity options, explore the Bible and discover God throughout history. This book of twenty-five lessons takes kids from creation through Revelation.

    Imagine having a series of Bible lessons (with the help of an illustrated timeline) to help kids picture and learn about key people, places, and events! Each lesson includes:
    *Memory verse
    *Age-appropriate Bible story
    *Short prayer
    *Small group time
    *Life application
    *Four activity options with review questions

    In addition, each lesson includes interactive options for use with the Giant 10-Foot Bible Timeline (9781596360679).

    Kids need to know that the stories of the Bible actually happened and are a part of history. By taking “field trips” to Rose’s Giant 10-foot Bible Timeline kids will not only see 2,000 years of history at a glance, but are able to understand the context of the story they are learning for that day.

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