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Elmer Towns

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  • Rivers Of Revival


    Since the Day of Pentecost, seasons of revival and awakening have brought refreshing to the spiritually dry, life to the spiritually dead, and miraculous encounters with the Holy Spirit.

    In this timely and prophetic volume, two bestselling generals of the faith, Dr. Elmer Towns and Dr. Neil T. Anderson, offer collective wisdom, insight, and strategy on how you can experience and release a river of Holy Spirit outpouring into your world!

    Additionally, Drs. Towns and Anderson have compiled contributions from other key authorities on revival who have encountered the move of God firsthand. Each contributor provides practical wisdom on how you can experience the Spirit’s touch in your own life, church and even geographical region.

    Featuring powerful teaching from a diverse range of revival leaders, including:
    *Jack Hayford: How worship releases the reviving touch of the Spirit.
    *Ed Silvoso: How to bless the unsaved and prepare them for God encounters.
    *R.A. Torrey: How to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit.
    *John Dawson: How to break agreement with generational sin.
    *C. Peter Wagner & George Otis Jr.: How to win battles in the heavenly realm over regions and cities.
    *Billy Graham: How proclamation of the Gospel releases the revival power of God.
    *Henry Blackaby: How cultivating a lifestyle of daily encounters with God brings revival.

    A fresh move of God is on the way. Prepare yourself to experience Holy Spirit outpouring like never before!

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  • Great Lessons And Grand Blessings Study Guide (Student/Study Guide)


    The greatest gift grandparents can give grandchildren is not mateiral, but spiritual. You can help your grandchildren claim their spiritual inheritance, rescue them from ungodly influence, help them avoid becoming prodigals, and teach an unfailing devotion to the Scriptures that may help them influience the world.

    This study guide is for use with teaching the book Grandparents of the Bible: Great Lessons and Grand Blessings. Contains 12 lesson outlines with fill-in-the-blank format for following along with the teaching, digging deeper into Scripture, and keeping a helpful guide for future reference.

    Lesson One: Jacob the Spiritual Giver
    Lesson Two: Naomi
    Lesson Three: Asa
    Lesson Four: Lois
    Lesson Five: Unknown Grandsons
    Lesson Six: Joash
    Lesson Seven: Mephibosheth
    Lesson Eight: Samuel
    Lesson Nine: Grandpa Mordecai
    Lesson Ten: Moses
    Lesson Eleven: Noah
    Lesson Twelve: Paul a Spiritual Grandfather

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