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Steven Lawson

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  • Explore Apr-Jun 2024


    Ninety-one dated and numbered devotions from April to June 2024, covering portions of the Psalms, Jason Meyer on Mark’s Gospel, Ligon Duncan on 1 Thessalonians, and Steve Lawson on Philippians.

    These daily devotionals will take you around 15 minutes. In just 15 minutes you can be encouraged to dig into the treasures of the Bible for yourself, excited to know and love Jesus Christ more and more each day, and equipped to live for him in the time and place that he has put you in.

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  • Philippians : Shining With Joy (Student/Study Guide)


    Why Study Philippians?
    1. Finishing What He Started (1 V 1-11)
    2. To Live Is Christ, To Die Is Gain (1 V 12-30)
    3. A High Call To A Humble Life (2 V 1-11, 19-30)
    4. Sanctification 101 (2 V 12-18)
    5. The New Confidence Of A New Citizenship (3 V 1-21)
    6. Pursuing Peace (4 V 1-9)
    7. Living Above The Circumstances (4 V 10-23)
    Leader’s Guide

    Additional Info
    If you would like to be more joyful, and for your church to be more joyful, these seven studies in the book of Philippians will show you how to live with hope no matter what your circumstances. Written from a prison cell by a man with an uncertain immediate future, Philippians is a torrent of joy, with its source in the wonderful gospel. Study Philippians to discover how to shine with joy.

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  • Job


    Job is at once one of the most profound literary and religious documents in the history of civilization. More than that, it is the Word of God. In this document, God graciously hears, through Job, our most vexing questions about the purposes of God and God’s ways with human beings. If a person lives long enough, he will pass through the fires of suffering, and cried out to God, “Why?”

    Dr. Steven Lawson provides a verse-by-verse commentary on this masterpiece, illuminating the connections between various passages within Job and with other parts of Scripture. This commentary will prepare those who teach and preach Job with salient quotes, compelling illustrations, and suggestions for communicating the profound contents of this book.

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