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Stevie Hendrix

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  • Real Good Life


    Where are you looking for joy, contentment, and purpose? Stevie and Sazan Hendrix show us that the good life we’re looking for won’t be found in our latest purchase, achievement, or dream vacation–it’s found by intentionally cultivating the simple, everyday moments that make up a real, good life.

    We say we want “the good life,” but that often leads us to constantly chase after the next thing, compare ourselves to others, and feel disconnected and unable to enjoy the good things that are right in front of us. Stevie and Sazan know what it’s like to search for the good life and, having achieved “success” at a young age, they know firsthand that the success we think we want isn’t what truly satisfies.

    Even as their careers and social media popularity grew, Stevie and Sazan were still searching for the good life, just like everyone else. What they discovered in that search completely changed how they lived their days–and by extension their lives. In A Real Good Life, you’ll join them on their journey

    *identifying how you can set yourself up for a good day by being intentional with all of your hours;

    *discovering your unique process for building faith and connection in yourself, your home, and your relationships;

    *rethinking your routines so you can establish life rhythms that are sustainable and unique;

    *recognizing that reflecting, focusing, gathering, and resting are crucial values; and

    *inspiring you to see life as a gift that should be cherished every single moment.

    Slow down and trade the endless cycle of striving and competing for real, good days filled with purposeful reflection, intentional focus, gathering with loved ones, and true rest.

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