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Sue Edwards

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  • 40 Questions About Women In Ministry


    Aims for a deeper understanding about the roles of women in the faith community
    40 Questions About Women in Ministry charts a course for understanding differing views on the topic. The accessible question-and-answer format guides readers to specific areas of confusion, and authors Sue Edwards and Kelley Mathews helpfully zero in on the foundations of varied beliefs and practices.

    Edwards and Mathews cover interpretive, theological, historical, and practical matters such as:

    *What terms best describe the various views on women in ministry?

    *What did God mean that the woman was man’s helper corresponding to him?

    *How is it that Bible-believing Christians reach vastly different conclusions about 1 Timothy 2:11-15?

    *How did Western culture influence the role of women in society and the church?

    Combining a strong adherence to Scripture, vast academic and ministry experiences, and a commitment to Christ-honoring dialogue, 40 Questions About Women in Ministry is a valuable guide for pastors, ministry leaders, church groups, and seminarians.

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  • Isaiah : Discovering Assurance Through Prophecies About Your Mighty King


    Move from a focus on current circumstances to a trust in a future with King Jesus

    It’s not breaking news that the world is in turmoil. Disease, economic issues, global and political unrest–it all combines, threatening to overwhelm us all with despair of ever achieving peace. In addition, many Christians have been told that they are responsible for bringing heaven to earth. They believe that if they can do enough good deeds, they will make life beautiful again.

    Sue Edwards argues that this attitude is not only unrealistic, it causes many believers to lose the courage and stamina it takes to follow Christ. The answer to this dilemma–as to so many others–is found in scripture. Isaiah’s prophecies of the coming King are a reminder that it is only when Jesus returns and sets up his kingdom that the promise of true justice and peace on earth will be fulfilled.

    Shifting focus to the exciting future and away from unrealistic, impossible expectations of the present frees believers to live with adventurous anticipation and emotional health. It’s good news for a generation of overwhelmed Christians!

    With her trademark clarity and impeccable scholarship, Sue Edwards mines Isaiah for the prophecies that ignite a freeing confidence for readers in her latest addition to the popular Discover Together Bible Study series.

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