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  • Enneagram For Teens


    From author and Enneagram coach Ainsley Britain comes a fun and informative introduction to the Enneagram personality test, specially crafted for teens and young adults. In The Enneagram for Teens, readers will discover their type and gain valuable insights into their relationships, faith, future selves, and more.

    As one of the most popular personality-typing systems, the Enneagram has been helping people gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others for decades. In The Enneagram for Teens, Ainsley Britain shares her vast knowledge of the Enneagram in an approachable, easy-to-use guide that’s perfect for beginners. Filled with insights and tips on determining your type and navigating stress, relationships, faith, friendships, and more, The Enneagram for Teens is an invaluable resource for finding your path and becoming the best version of yourself.

    The Enneagram for Teens features:

    *An in-depth introduction to each of the nine types

    *Insights on how to use the Enneagram to better understand yourself and your relationships, as well as ideas on future careers that could fit your type

    *Advice on how to grow emotionally and spiritually and promote your mental well-being

    *Bonus materials, including ways to use the Enneagram in your day-to-day life

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  • Devotions And Prayers For A No Regrets Life Teen Girls


    100 Practical and Encouraging Devotions Guide Teen Girls on the Path to a “No Regrets” Life.

    Devotions and Prayers for a “No Regrets” Life meets teen girls right where they are and guides them in tackling life’s tough issues.

    The 100 relatable devotions touch on topics important to young women–including Communication, Social Media, Choices, Relationships, and more. With each turn of the page, teens will come to know and understand they have the freedom to make everyday choices that will either lead them directly into a life of regret or one of contentment and joy. With God as their guide and companion, young women truly can experience the wonder of a “no regrets” life, as they live and love alongside the one who loves them most.

    Topics include:

    *Choices– the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
    *The Past, Present, and Future
    *Relationships– Family, Friends, and the Opposite Sex
    *Wisdom vs. Knowledge
    *Social Media
    *Money and Possessions
    *The Golden Rule
    *Backing Up Beliefs with Actions
    *Knowing God
    *. . .and more!

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  • Devotions And Prayers For A No Regrets Life Teen Boys


    100 Practical and Encouraging Devotions Guide Teen Guys on the Path to a “No Regrets” Life

    Devotions and Prayers for a “No Regrets” Life meets you right where you are, touching on topics you care about and tackling issues you face daily:

    *Choices: Good, Bad, and Ugly
    *The Past, Present, and Future
    *Relationships with Family, Friends, and the Opposite Sex
    *Wisdom vs. Knowledge
    *Communication, Including Social Media
    *Money and Possessions
    *The Golden Rule
    *Your Thought Life
    *Knowing God
    *and more!

    With each turn of the page, you’ll see the incredible freedom God has given you–to make choices that either lead to regret or to a life of fulfillment and happiness. With God as your companion and guide, you can experience the joy of a “no regrets” life. Read on to see how!

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  • Press Pause Teen Devotional


    Take a Break!

    For so long, culture and society have based our worth on what we do and achieve. That has led us to be overworked, overscheduled, busy people. Life never seems to stop. God wants us to live differently. From the very beginning, God has commanded rest and intentional time in communion with Him. But how do we create space for life-giving rest when we are busy giving our time to other things? God’s Word gives us a thorough blueprint on how to make rest a routine and shows us what can happen when we don’t pause and rely on Him. In this thirty-day devotional, we will learn why God wants us to rest in Him.

    In this 12-volume series, each 30-day devotional will point to the unchanging truth of God’s love and anchor students in His Word as they walk through?the?seasons of change and milestones that come with each passing year. Students will learn to Discover God’s Word, Delight in the Lord, and Display God’s work in their lives.

    Discover (Identity + Theology): Who is God? Who am I in light of who God is? These are two of the most important questions students can grapple with because in discovering who God is, they learn who He has meant for them to be. Studies within the Discover category will help students align their lives under God’s rule which will give them confidence in who they were created to be.

    Delight (Spiritual Disciplines): What does it mean to delight in God? What leads to delight in God? Helping students see God in every detail teaches them to delight in Him. When students find their delight in God, they will learn what it means and how to be in relationship with Him.

    Display (Leadership, Mission, + Disciple Making): How do students display the glory of God? How do they help others grow in their relationship with Him? How can they lead others to display the truth of God? Through students learning to lead, live on mission, and make disciples, God’s glory is on display and His kingdom is expanded.

    Each book includes 30 daily devotions, applicable Scripture, prayer prompts, and practical application.

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  • Choose Courage : 3-Minute Devotions For Teen Girls


    God Wants You to Live a Courageous Life, Girl!

    This delightful devotional encourages you to take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and to choose courage in your thoughts, words, and actions.

    Dozens of just-right-sized readings pack a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration and are designed to meet you right where you are in life. In only 3 short minutes, you’ll be on your way to a bold, courageous faith!

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  • Choose Strong : 3-Minute Devotions For Teen Guys



    The world might try to convince you differently, but being strong is a choice.

    Each day, you can choose God’s way or the world’s way. Right or wrong. Strong or weak.
    It’s up to you.

    This book of strength-building devotions can help guide you to choose wisely.

    Every page provides you with scriptural truth, a relatable devotional reading, and a short prayer.

    In just 3 minutes you’ll be well on your way to the good life–the strong life–God intended for you.

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  • Comparison Girl For Teens


    Teen girls discover purpose in a world that says they aren’t enough

    Most teen girls struggle with comparison. The pressure to measure up to peers and social media influencers is relentless. Everyone seems to have their own standard for what a teen girl should be, and those expectations feel impossible to meet. Comparison Girl for Teens is the teen girl guide to navigating these tricky waters. Best-selling authors Shannon Popkin and Lee Nienhuis have teamed up to show teens how to break free from the comparison trap and embrace the incredible life that Jesus has in store for them.

    A journey of self-discovery with forty readings, Comparison Girl for Teens includes quizzes, evaluations (don’t worry– they’re fun), discussion questions, and plenty of heartwarming stories to keep teen girls company along the way. Whether the reader is a seasoned believer or just exploring her faith, she is invited to new freedom, confidence, and influence as she adopts Jesus’s me-free mindset in this toxic, measure-up world.

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  • Devotions And Prayers For Managing Anxiety And Depression For Teen Girls


    Overwhelmed by anxiety and depression? . . .

    It’s difficult to manage life’s burdensome feelings and frustrations.

    When you don’t know where in the world to turn, God’s Word can help.
    These180 devotions and prayers are a welcome start–by offering much-needed assurance, comfort, encouragement, understanding, love, support, and more truth-filled tools to help you manage and overcome your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

    In the pages of Devotions and Prayers for Managing Anxiety and Depression, you’ll encounter just what your anxious soul needs. Every wisdom-filled devotion offers biblical encouragement and support for life’s difficult days.

    With each turn of the page, you’ll discover the truth and tools you need to better manage your feelings of anxiety and depression. . .and will come to trust you’re never alone and always loved.

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  • Devotions And Prayers For Managing Anxiety And Depression For Teen Boy


    Overwhelmed by anxiety and depression? . . .

    It’s difficult to manage life’s overwhelming feelings and frustrations.

    When you don’t know where in the world to turn, God’s Word can help.

    These180 devotions and prayers are a welcome start–by offering much-needed assurance, comfort, encouragement, understanding, love, support, and more truth-filled tools to help you manage and overcome your feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.

    In the pages of Devotions and Prayers for Managing Anxiety and Depression, you’ll encounter just what your anxious soul needs. Every wisdom-filled devotion offers biblical encouragement and support for life’s difficult days.

    With each turn of the page, you’ll discover the truth and tools you need to better manage your feelings of anxiety and depression. . .and will come to trust you’re never alone and always loved.

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  • Prayer Map For Teen Girls


    THE ORIGINA L Prayer Map!

    What Does Prayer Look Like? . . .

    Find out in The Prayer Map for Teen Girls.

    This unique prayer journal is an engaging and creative way for the teen girls in your life to understand the importance and experience the power of prayer. Each page features a fun 2-color design that guides girls to write out thoughts, ideas, and lists. . .creating a specific “map” for them to follow as they talk to God. Each map includes a spot to record the date, so teens can look back on their prayers and see how God has worked in their lives. The Prayer Map for Teen Girls will not only encourage them to spend time talking with God about the things that matter most. . .it will also help them build a healthy spiritual habit of continual prayer that will carry over into adulthood.

    This creative journal, perfect for personal quiet time or small groups, features:

    *A user-friendly spiral binding–lays flat!
    *Delightfully designed two-color interior–appeals to teen girls
    *Space to record the date on each Prayer Map
    *Prompted sections guide the creation of each Prayer Map–from start to finish
    *Carefully selected scripture on every spread

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  • Big Questions Complete Collection


    As kids grow up, they start to ask big questions about God, the Bible, and how the Christian faith intersects with the world around them. How do we know that Christianity is really true? Why does God let bad things happen? Who am I, and why do I matter?

    Big questions like these deserve good answers.

    Christian Studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew has been answering tough questions from young people for over a decade. Big Questions is a series of fun and fast-paced books walking kids aged 9-13 through what the Bible says about life, helping them to grow in confident and considered faith. Now you can get all six books in this stylish slipcase.

    With relatable stories, engaging Bible teaching, and illustrative doodles at the start of each chapter, these apologetics books are great for kids, tweens, or teens who have no church background, as well as for believers looking to deepen the foundations of their faith.

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  • New Morning Mercies For Teens


    Paul David Tripp’s Bestselling Daily Devotional New Morning Mercies, Adapted for Teenagers

    Teenagers today face unprecedented and complex challenges in their lives and relationships. Parents and youth leaders can offer valuable Christian guidance, but it’s in Scripture that we encounter the wisdom of Jesus, new and sufficient for that day’s difficulty and temptation.

    This updated edition of Paul David Tripp’s bestselling book New Morning Mercies features 366 engaging daily devotionals, adapted for teenagers. Each day includes a one-sentence, gospel-centered reading and an extended meditation, Bible verses, and a prompt for discussion or personal reflection. Tripp also includes a bonus Q&A chapter in which he briefly answers questions around relevant topics including anxiety, gender, social media, and spiritual disciplines. Focused less on behavior modification and more on helping teenagers encounter the living God, this book helps young people to fall in love with Jesus, find freedom and joy within his boundaries, and live for his glory-day in and day out.

    *Adapted from New Morning Mercies (Over 1 Million Copies Sold): Features 366 revised devotionals and new discussion questions for teenagers

    *Bonus Q&A Chapter: Tripp answers questions around 18 important topics including depression, pornography, social media, and church

    *Written by Paul David Tripp: Author of the bestselling books Parenting and Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens

    *A Great Gift for High School Students and College Students

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  • Daily Prayer Minutes For Teen Girls


    Beautiful girl, God’s always listening. . .and He’s always interested in what you have to say.

    Open your heart and your mind as you read these daily, comforting prayers. Each turn of the page reveals an inspiring “prayer minute” (a prayer that can be read in just 60 seconds) alongside an encouraging scripture selection, guaranteed to reassure and inspire your soul every day of the year.

    Spend your daily quiet time with these prayers, where you’ll encounter overflowing blessings and the never ending grace of your heavenly Creator.

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  • Becoming Happy And Healthy


    There’s never been a more complex and confusing time to navigate the transition into adulthood than right now. And for more than 10 years, YouTube star, podcaster, and Bible teacher Jeanine Amapola has been the trusted big sister young women need, getting to the heart of their struggles and offering practical, inspirational guidance to help them flourish.

    In her debut book she goes even deeper, sharing stories she’s never shared before–including how she overcame and healed from her own struggles, poor choices, secrets, and darkest thoughts. Tackling everything from dating and friendship to body image and confidence to faith and career choices, Jeanine shares real-world advice and tips to help you:

    *make wise decisions to set you up for success in every aspect of life
    *heal and deal with your past for a better future
    *discover your true identity in Christ
    *grow mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually to be your best self

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  • God Calls You Blessed Girl


    In a culture that fills your head and heart with lies about your value in the world. . .there is One who calls you blessed.

    And He can be trusted. His Word is truth.

    This delightful devotional–created just for you–will encourage and inspire your young soul with deeply rooted truths from God’s Word. Each devotional reading and heartfelt prayer will assure you that you are truly blessed–because God says so. . .and His Word is unchanging! Each of the 180 readings in God Calls You Blessed, Girl will help you to grow in your faith and increase your self-confidence as you become the strong and courageous young woman the heavenly Creator intended you to be!

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  • Get Used To Different Student Guide


    Get Used to Different is a nine-week devotional Bible study for students who long to know more about who they are in Christ, how to follow Him in light of that knowledge, and how to let Jesus lead them in their interactions with those around them.

    Every new generation asks the same fundamental questions… Who am I? Where do I fit in? How do I find meaning, belonging, and acceptance? Jesus answered all these questions in a radically simple way: “Follow me.”

    In this nine-week study, students will dive into Scripture alongside The Chosen series to:

    *Discover who Jesus says they really are
    *Understand what it means to follow Him
    *Learn how to surrender in both good and bad times
    *Find what their hearts are truly longing for

    With reflection questions and discussion guides, along with QR codes that link directly to clips from the show, students will begin to understand the freedom that comes from knowing none of us have life totally figured out–but Jesus does. Through Scripture, the show, and this book, students will learn how to get used to different.

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  • Moments With God For Teen Girls


    The Moments with God for Teen Girls Pink Floral Devotional will help teenage girls grow closer to God and look to God’s Word for the answers to life.

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  • Stay Strong Secret Diary


    Give your kids an emotional outlet and teach them to plan and journal in the Stay Strong Secret Diary. Journaling can feel daunting when emotions are messy and thoughts are all over the place. This uncertainty might make your child feel uneasy about putting pen to paper. Reassure your children that their thoughts are safe when they lock their diary with the included lock and use the secret code alphabet to encode their musings.

    The navy blue hardcovers of the secret diary are covered in colorful stickers with positive sentiments and uplifting Scripture verses. The stickers are embossed to create an interesting tactile element in the design. Bright red foil adds an eye-catching glare to the design.

    A silver lock is attached to the covers of the diary, and it is furnished with a lock and 2 keys that can be opened easily without assistance-perfect for children 5 years old and older. A ribbon marker will help them keep track of their progress.

    The diary comes with 160 one-color pages filled with prompts to guide your children through the journaling and planning process. The front of the secret diary has a secret code alphabet that kids can use to encode a message when the book is given as a gift. The content is organized by wee. Each section has a dotted grid page for doodles and lists, a prayer list for the week, gals for the week, a dotted grid page to list what they are grateful for, and 5 lined pages for journaling. The diary cycles through 10 Scripture verses at the bottom of the lined pages that can be used for Scripture memory verses.

    The Stay Strong Secret Diary will give your children somewhere to capture their thoughts. Boys and girls alike can have fun to discover what they believe.

    The Stay Strong Secret Diary is part of the Stay Strong Kid Collection. This collection also includes a matching stainless steel water bottle and a gift bag.

    Give the Stay Strong Secret Diary as a birthday or back-to-school gift to kickstart the year with a sense of fun and creativity.

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  • 200 Prayers To Encourage A Teen Girls Heart


    Look Up and Be Inspired Today!

    No matter what you’re going through, you will be encouraged to look up and share what’s on your heart with the One who loves you most. Two hundred meaningful, powerful prayers touch on topics important to your heart–including life’s hopes, hurts, and happiness–and will inspire and move you to grow ever closer to your loving heavenly Father who hears your every prayer. Each full-length prayer includes a relevant scripture selection and brief devotional take-away thought.

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  • More To The Story


    What does the Bible really say about identity and gender, dating and sex? Are its teachings out of date and repressive? Or are they the way to joy and contentment?

    Long-time youth worker Jennifer Kvamme knows teens are grappling with these questions. In this book she helps readers cut through the cultural confusion and find answers to questions like:

    *why does God care what I do with my body (if I’m not hurting anyone)?
    *why does it matter what pronouns I use?
    *why is sex “good” in marriage but “bad” before it? Isn’t love love?
    *is the Bible really against gay marriage?

    Rather than listing dos and don’ts, this book looks at the whole story of God’s love for us to give readers an essential backdrop for the Bible’s teachings on sexuality. It will help you navigate wisely complex issues around dating, sex and gender. You’ll not only learn how to honor Jesus in this area of life, but why he can be trusted to bring the kind of lasting joy and contentment that “sexual freedom” can’t. You’ll discover there’s hope even if your experience of sexuality has been painful, complicated or filled with shame.

    Each chapter includes reflection questions to help you think through these issues and apply them to your own life, as well as a discussion guide for youth groups.

    You will be encouraged to trust Jesus with your deepest desires as you follow him in all of life, including your sexuality and relationships.

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  • Read And Pray Through The Bible In A Year For Teen Guys


    The All-in-One Devotional Experience for Teen Guys!

    This cool devotional, created especially for you, includes a simple plan for reading and praying through the Bible in one year alongside both 3-minute devotions and prayers for morning and evening.

    Each day of the year, you’ll be invited to read a passage from:

    *the Old Testament
    *the New Testament
    *and the Psalms or Proverbs

    Along with a thoughtful devotional and a heartfelt prayer starter. With each turn of the page, you’ll discover practical truth for everyday living.

    It’s a perfect way to spend a year in God’s Word!

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  • Choose Love : 3-minute Devotions For Teen Girls


    Got 3 minutes? . . .

    This delightful new devotional encourages you to take a few moments of your day to quiet your spirit, think on God’s amazing love for you, and to choose share that love with others.

    *Minute 1: meditate on a scripture selection
    *Minute 2: read through a devotional thought
    *Minute 3: read a prayer designed to help jump-start a conversation with God.

    Dozens of just-right-sized readings pack a powerful dose of comfort, encouragement, and inspiration and are designed to meet you right where you are in life. In only 3 short minutes, you will be on your way to honoring God’s greatest commandments–love Him and love others!

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  • 3 Minute Nighttime Prayers For Teen Girls


    Got 3 Minutes? . . .

    Take a few moments each night to pause, reflect, and renew your young heart with these 3-minute prayers.

    Written for girls just like you, each evening’s reading includes. . .

    Minute 1: meditate on a brief scripture selection
    Minute 2: pray, using the provided prayer to jump-start a conversation with God
    Minute 3: reflect on a question for further thought

    Just 3 short minutes, and you’ll be on your way to a sweet, peaceful sleep!

    When you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, your sleep will be sweet.
    Proverbs 3:24 NIV

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  • Sunny Days Ahead


    Create a positive mindset and build a happier life with these 10-minute spiritual reflections for teens and young adults. With all the challenges and hardships we face in our lives and in the world around us, it’s harder than ever to preserve our happiness, faith, confidence, and well-being. Sunny Days Ahead contains 150 devotions and writing prompts for readers 13 and up to restore inner peace and find more joy in your everyday life.

    Set aside the stress and negative self-talk and embrace the amazing promises and plans God has for you. With both Scripture-based wisdom and scientific, therapeutic insights, each affirming devotion will boost your mood and give you practical guidance on improving your mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. Just 10 minutes of prayer and self-care a day will leave you feeling more confident, optimistic, and empowered.

    Topics include:

    *Rest and physical care
    *Loneliness and anxiety
    *Relationships and community
    *Goals, dreams, and hope

    Each 10-minute devotion features:

    *An empowering, hope-filled Scripture reference
    *A daily dose of optimism and insight
    *A reflection prompt and practical takeaway

    Greet each new day with joy, gratitude, and hope with Sunny Days Ahead! And check out these other devotionals for teens: Adored and A Mindful Moment.

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  • Gods Great Story


    One-Year Devotional Helps Teens Establish Daily Scripture-Reading Habits

    Young adulthood is often a pivotal stage in the life and faith of a believer. Christian teens are confronted with many challenges, making it harder for them to adopt effective Bible-reading habits. How can teens maintain a deep and fruitful relationship with Scripture while managing busy schedules and exciting new stages of life?

    God’s Great Story by Jon Nielson unpacks Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, helping young adults grasp God’s full narrative and form helpful reading habits to keep a strong relationship with the Lord. Designed to be read in a year, each of the 365 daily devotionals includes a summary, a practical application, and a guide for personal prayer and meditation. Readings build off of each other to help readers grasp God’s grand story of redemption and the full saving work of the Son.

    *Fruitful Devotionals: Readings expand on the overarching narrative of the Bible to reveal God’s full redemption narrative

    *One-Year Plan: Lays out a plan to read the whole Bible from Genesis through Revelation in one year

    *Appeals to Teens: Helps teens form daily Bible-reading habits to bring into adulthood

    *Written by Jon Nielson: Pastor, author, and general editor of the ESV Teen Study Bible

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  • In Case You Forget


    Everyone wants to tell teenage girls who they are–or at least who they are supposed to be.

    They are supposed to be influencers. They are supposed to be straight-A students. They are supposed to have a full social calendar and know what career path they will follow and have an Instagram-worthy relationship. Navigating all these “supposed to” statements feels downright impossible if girls don’t know who–or whose–they are.

    In her six-week devotional, In Case You Forget, author Hannah Conway reminds teenage Christ followers who God says they are in His Word. They are made in God’s image; they are loved by the maker of the universe; they are treasured; they are co-heirs to God’s Kingdom. Many teen girls don’t realize they are having an identity crisis, but Conway’s humorous and relatable writing style gives language to their confusion. Each devotion reminds girls they are not alone in their identity doubts and responds to those doubts with truths directly from God’s Word. Through daily Bible reading, prayer, reflective questions, and opportunities to dive deeper into Scripture, In Case You Forget ultimately tells girls that the only person they are “supposed to be” is a child of God.

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  • Know Your Bible Devotions For Teen Girls


    You want your life to matter–
    take the first step by knowing God through His Word.

    You want your life to matter, and Know Your Bible Devotions for Teen Girls encourages you to pursue greatness–by knowing and obeying God’s Word. This entertaining and encouraging devotional addresses 101 topics vital to a life of Christian integrity, such as:

    *knowing God
    *following Jesus
    *and much more

    Written especially for 13-18-year-olds, these devotions offer needed guidance for living in a fresh and fun package. And each entry ends with references for further study, plus thought-provoking questions to help you interpret scripture for yourself.

    You want your life to matter–take the first step by knowing God through His Word. Know
    Your Bible Devotions for Teen Girls will help!

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  • How Can I Be Sure Whats Right And Wrong


    How can I be sure what’s right and wrong? Is it all just a matter of opinion? Do we really need God to tell us how to be good people, or can we just figure it out for ourselves? What about situations where there is no one right answer, or when we disagree with others about what the best thing to do is?

    In this fun and fast-paced book, Christian Studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew walks 9-13-year-olds through various questions about morality. He makes the case that there is such a thing as right and wrong, and that we need to go to God for solid and satisfying answers.

    – An apologetic case for objective morality which connects with the culture today’s children are growing up in

    – Points children to the grace and truth of the gospel message

    – Includes chapters on disagreeing well with others

    – Written for kids who don’t yet identify as Christians as well as those who do

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  • 101 Favorite Bible Verses For Teens Box Of Blessings


    The 101 Favorite Bible Verses for Teens Teal and Blue Box of Blessings is the perfect gift for all the teenagers in your life. This inspiring box of cards is filled with 101 Bible verses to help teenagers deal with faith, life, love, and God.

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  • Discover : Questioning Your Way To Faith


    It’s ok for you to have questions about your faith. You aren’t the only one that has those questions, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed by them. In Discover: Questioning Your Way to Faith, Mike McGarry explores the twenty most common questions teenagers ask.

    In nearly twenty years as a youth pastor, Mike has heard just about every question students ask. Your questions are important and they may prove to be the very thing that actually leads you into deeper faith. Discover covers a wide range of questions that teens like you ask about faith including: Why does God allow suffering? Why should we trust the Bible? Is church relevant? Does God care about my sexual identity? and more.

    Mike wants you to see your questions as an opportunity to dig deeper and grow in your faith. Each chapter is short and tackles important topics such as doubt, the resurrection, tolerance, sexual issues, prayer, and more. He thinks you will be encouraged to see what God has to say.

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  • Engage 365 Get To Know Gods People


    A one-year reading plan with Engage Bible-reading notes, meeting key characters and authors from the Bible. Ideal for older teenagers.

    Volume 2 of Engage 365 meets many characters from the Old Testament, including Joshua, the judges, Ruth, Job, Nehemiah, Esther, Jonah and Daniel; as well as exploring books authored by Matthew, Peter and Paul (Romans, 1 & 2 Timothy).

    A fun, engaging way for young people to dig deep into some key books of the Bible and learn how to handle, question and explore God’s word.

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  • 180 Devotions For When Life Is Hard Teen Girl


    Life Is Good. . . Praise God!

    Life Not Going So Well? . . . Praise God! . . .

    Do you find that it’s easy to praise God when life is going well–your grades are on the upswing, your friendships are thriving, and every day is smooth sailing–but difficult to muster up genuine praise when life isn’t going so well?

    With 180 Devotions for When Life Is Hard, you will discover just the comfort and encouragement your heart needs for the areas of life that truly matter to you, including family, friendship, fitting in, health, faith, self-esteem, trust, and more. Whatever life brings your way–through every mountain and valley–you will encounter words that uplift and inspire your soul in this lovely devotional.

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  • Vibes You Feel


    This inspiring book for teens and young women explores what it means to listen to God’s voice, better understand the “vibes” and intuition the Spirit uses as guidance, and live a life that proclaims your heavenly truth. Filled with personal lessons from author and Grammy-nominated artist Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly and empowering scriptural promises, you’ll grow stronger in your faith as well as your God-given purpose.

    Each day, we are under attack–by people who want to keep us down or who doubt our gifts, as well as by spiritual forces who want to knock us off our God-given path and into the darkness. In The Vibes You Feel, Kierra “Kiki” Sheard-Kelly invites you to uncover what it means to have the Holy Spirit in your life, and how listening to the vibes we sense in certain situations can help steer us toward the future God intends.

    Inside The Vibes You Feel, you’ll find:

    *encouragement and support for navigating today’s world

    *solid biblical truths and scriptural promises that arm you for the tough decisions and battles in your life

    *Kierra’s own personal stories and experiences with difficult situations, and the spiritual nudges that helped her through

    *Advice and guidance with actionable steps

    In addition, The Vibes You Feel:

    *is an ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, Easter, or graduations
    *helps you grow closer to God and understand the signals he sends
    *is perfect for those looking for motivation and biblical guidance

    Also check out Kierra Sheard-Kelly’s bestselling and inspirational book, Big, Bold, and Beautiful.

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  • Country Of Their Own


    A Country of Their Own by Hope Bolinger, What if everywhere you go you brought joy, power, and freedom? This can be yours because of the gospel’s good news. The gospel will change you and those you encounter, as you remember that joy is for you, as Jesus is for you. When Jesus was born it was declared that he would bring great joy to all. The good news of the gospel isn’t just about eternity, but also the power, freedom, love and joy found right here, right now.

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  • To The Girl Looking For More


    In this 90-day devotional for young women, Grace Valentine encourages you to stop settling for the world’s image of post-worthy perfection and live for more: more joy, more peace, and more meaning.

    Grace has felt the pressure of our culture’s conflicting messages about girls and God, from the picture-perfect “good Christian girl” that toxic culture touts or the God who treats women like sidekicks or after-thoughts. For any girl tired of the lies and expectations, Grace has a message for you: you are important to God, and He has so much more for your life.

    In her first devotional, Grace shares the lessons she has learned through her own challenges and guides you to discover your true identity and self-worth in the eyes of your Creator.

    In these 90 daily devotions, Grace breaks down the truth of Scripture with her genuine, been-there honesty that has made her a role model for young women. She shows girls of all ages how to:

    *stop hustling to please, perform, and be perfect
    *recognize toxic relationships and leave them
    *let go of impossible expectations on yourself, your people, and your body
    *replace worry, pressure, and fear with God’s peace
    *choose kindness and positivity
    *navigate all the mixed messages around sex and dating
    *live out God’s amazing plans for your life

    “I get it. You’re busy! But stop trying to just get through another week, and grab this devotional. Five minutes a day will help you discover how to live your MORE. You deserve this, sister!” –Grace Valentine

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  • Winning The War In Your Mind For Teens


    Do your thoughts and your life feel out of your control? Have you found yourself in a spiral of unhealthy thinking? Let God’s truth become your battle plan to win the war in your mind!

    As teens, it can feel difficult to find a way out of our bad habits and unhealthy thought patterns, too often feeling like our thoughts are running out of control and finding ourselves off-track from where we want to be. Pastor and New York Times bestselling author Craig Groeschel deeply understands this daily battle against self-doubt and negative thinking, and in this book adapted from his bestselling Winning the War in Your Mind, Groeschel explains how you too can challenge your thinking and change the course of your life for the better, revealing the strategies he’s found that help.

    Drawing upon Scripture and the latest findings of brain science, Groeschel lays out practical strategies that will free you from the grip of harmful, destructive thinking and enable you to live the life of joy and peace that God intends you to live. With all-new stories, science that explores the unique realities of how the teenage brain is wired, and visually-engaging callouts and short sections that appeal to teenage readers, Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens will help you:

    *Learn how your brain works and see how to rewire it
    *Identify the lies the enemy wants you to believe
    *Recognize and short-circuit your mental triggers for negative thinking
    *See how prayer and praise will transform your mind
    *Develop practices that allow God’s thoughts to become your thoughts

    God has something better for your life. It’s time to change your mind so God can change your life.

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  • Worry Less Pray More Teen Girl


    Worry-Free Devotional Guide Offers Calm for an Anxiety-Filled Soul

    This purposeful devotional guide features 180 readings and prayers designed to help alleviate your worries as you learn to live in the peace of the Almighty God, who offers calm for your anxiety-filled soul. Inspired by this promise from God’s Word: “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life” (Philippians 4:6-7 MSG), Worry Less, Pray More reinforces the truth that with God, you can live anxiety-free every single day–whether you worry about your friendships, school, fitting in, the future, or something more.

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  • How Can I Feel Closer To God


    Sooner or later, kids ask big questions about themselves and their faith: If God is real, why doesn’t he feel real? How can I make him seem less far away? What does a relationship with Jesus actually look like? What about when going to church or reading the Bible just feels boring and pointless?

    Christian Studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew has been answering big questions from kids for over a decade. In this fun and fast-paced book, he shows children how to grow in their relationship with God through the ordinary yet powerful habits of everyday discipleship: prayer, Bible reading, church community, rest and simplicity.

    Lively stories and illustrations make this book easy for 9-13s to engage with. Readers will be helped to develop a vibrant, living and life-altering faith of their own as they learn to walk with Jesus day by day.

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  • Renovation Of The Heart For Students


    This practical student edition of Dallas Willard’s classic Renovation of the Heart helps you enjoy the greatest adventure in life: to follow Jesus and to become more like him.

    To be transformed-like a caterpillar into a butterfly-opens up a whole new world of possibility. To be changed from the inside out, into a life lived as though Jesus himself were living it, is good for you and healing for the world around you.

    Renovation of the Heart offers a vision for life change that’s not a matter of managing sin but of giving yourself increasingly to God-from your heart to your mind to your body to your relationships. Experience God in a full, true, and intimate way. See your world through different eyes. Walk in the assurance that God is with you and for you. Love your neighbor as yourself.

    This interactive student edition of Renovation of the Heart brings insights from one of the most important thinkers of the past century into your everyday life and includes:

    *engaging activities and exercises
    *reflections for deeper insight
    *prayers tailored to today’s students
    *prompts for group use

    Experience the joy of life with God in the company of your friends by combining the Christian classic Renovation of the Heart with the updated interactive student edition.

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  • 3 Big Questions That Shape Your Future


    Sometimes life gives you way more questions than answers. And yet it seems like everyone expects you to just figure it all out! Whether you’re looking toward your future or wrestling to get through today, it doesn’t have to be so stressful. Just three big questions will help you find clarity about all the rest:

    – Who am I?
    – Where do I fit?
    – What difference can I make?

    This 60-day exploration breaks down those big questions into manageable pieces and helps you embrace God’s best answers for you. Backed by Scripture and informed by years of research with teens just like you, this book does more than help you figure out what to do with your life; it will help you understand what your life means to the world–no matter who your friends are, what career you end up with, what kind of family you come from or will have in the future, what obstacles you may face, or what doubts trouble you along the way.

    YOU are one-of-a-kind, and you can find faithful answers to life’s biggest questions.

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  • 5 Minute Devotions For Teens


    5-Minute Devotions for Teens: A Guide to God and Mental Health removes the stigma on mental health and advises Christian teens what they can do when they are depressed and anxious. Scattered throughout the book are tips to help teens maintain good mental health practices such as meditation, disconnecting from social media and technology, saying affirmations, and much more.

    Each day includes a Scripture verse, short devotional, and a prayer or prompt.

    This 100-day devotional will help teens 13 to 17 years old:
    *deal with mental health issues, depression, and/or anxiety.
    *re-enter normalcy after the COVID-19 pandemic.
    *develop an authentic relationship with God and deepen their faith.

    5-Minute Devotions for Teens is an affordable resource that can be read again and again.

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  • Built Different : 90 Days To Becoming All God Wants You To Be


    Ain’t nobody got time for boring Christianity!

    With 1.7 million followers on TikTok, Gabe Poirot has brought the gospel to life with funny, thoughtful, and honestly, pretty random videos that are now making an impact in a 90-day devo.

    God didn’t create you to be basic. When He shoots, He never misses. He created you to be BUILT DIFFERENT. Unlike that mad, boring geometry class, this life He gave you is meant to be fun. Ain’t nobody got time for boring Christianity.

    Follow along in this W of a book because you will grow in your walk with God and be entertained at the same time. Filled with scripture and daily declarations, it is thicc with God’s goodness.

    In Built Different, Gabe breaks down topics like…

    – You can hear God talk [for real]
    – How to get a miracle
    – How to beat worry
    – Love? dating? relationships?
    – When you feel like quitting
    – How to cheat in school [the right way!]
    – Getting high? [it’s free]
    – God is NOT in control

    Take 90 days to meet with God, discover His incredible plan for you, and see how exciting life with Him can be!

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  • Quiet Time Prayers For A Teen Girls Heart


    Wrap your soul in the comfort of the Creator.

    You will envelop your soul in the comfort of the Creator as you read through 180 just-right-sized, devotional-like prayers that will meet you right where you are. Whether you’re struggling with feelings of insecurity and anxiety or you’re feeling courageous and confident, you will encounter just the inspiration and encouragement you need to strengthen your faith. Touching on truth-filled scriptures and topics like beauty, fitting in, relationships, comparison, stress, and so much more, Quiet-Time Prayers for a Teen Girl’s Heart is a great way for you to begin or end your day!

    Be quiet and know that I am God.
    Psalm 46:10 NLV

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  • Journey Of A Lifetime


    Many Christian teen girls struggle with identity and discerning God’s purpose for their life. This guided devotional journal will help them grow in their relationship with the Lord and set out on an adventure of faith, love, and bravery.

    Written in a whimsical and friendly tone, this unique devotional encourages readers to draw out their own personalized roadmap for the path God has put them on–both literally, by completing bucket list-??inspired activities, and figuratively through daily prayers.

    Girls who are fond of inspirational quotes, enjoy coffee dates with friends, and have a touch of wanderlust will be especially enticed to pick up this devotional.

    Includes quizzes, recipes, and journaling prompts.

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  • Who Am I And Why Do I Matter


    Sooner or later, kids ask big questions about themselves and their faith: Who am I? Where do I fit in? Am I good enough? What do people think of me? What does God think of me?

    Christian Studies teacher and school chaplain Chris Morphew has been answering big questions from kids for over a decade. In this warm, empathetic book, he shows children how to embrace and enjoy their identity as those loved by God and made in his image. He also gives lots of practical advice on how to remember what God says about who they really are.

    Lively stories and illustrations make this book easy for 9-13s to engage with. Readers will be helped to replace fear and anxiety with faith and confidence as they find their self-worth in what God says about them.

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  • 1 Minute With God For Students


    One Minute with God for Students is designed to help high school students cultivate the discipline of daily devotional time.

    The blue faux leather cover of the devotional features an ornate golden frame with scrollwork detailing the corners. The title is presented in large gold foiled letters and accented with a gold foiled banner.

    One Minute With God For Students
    365 Daily Devotions

    This devotional for students is a compilation of 365 devotions organized around important themes for high school students. Each day is dated with the month and day and features a Scripture verse followed by a short reflection and a prayer.

    The devotional book’s compact size makes it easy to slip into a backpack for devotions on the go, and a presentation page lets you personalize it. A navy satin ribbon marker is included to keep your place. The one-color pages are gilt-edged and match the gold foil accents in the cover perfectly.

    The One Minute with God for Students Daily Devotional makes an excellent graduation gift for middle school Sunday school class. Keep a couple of copies of the One Minute with God for Students Daily Devotionals handy to use as an encouraging tool when disciplining young people.

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  • Bible Promise Book For Teen Girls


    God’s promises–especially for you.

    The Bible is full of promises. And when God makes a promise, you can trust it.

    Here, drawn from several popular translations of scripture, are nearly 1,000 promises of God especially relevant to your everyday life–and categorized into more than three dozen topics from Adversity through Zeal. Each topic includes a brief introductory comment to put the verses into a modern context.

    Need to know what God says about Relationships? How about Temptation? Or maybe Discipline, Justice, or Wisdom are your concerns today. If you need to know what the Bible says about key life topics, turn to the Bible Promise Book for Teen Girls.

    If the Bible says it, you can believe it!

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  • 365 Days Of Prayer For Teens


    Whether you have made prayer a habit already or this is your first prayer devotional, inspiration is waiting for you in the daily prayers written here. Ultimately, prayer is a conversation with God. You don’t need to use fancy words or recite long passages of Scripture. Just talk to God. Open your heart. He adores you, and he’s listening to every word you say.

    Some days your prayers may be filled with gratitude, some days with repentance, and some with need. Just lay your heart and your prayers at the Father’s feet and wait for his powerful response.

    May God bless you as you connect daily with God.

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  • What Happens When We Die


    Looks at what the Bible says about what happens when we die, to help 9-13s grow in confident and considered faith.

    Sooner or later, kids have big questions about God, life, faith, and the Bible, especially when their friends start asking them about what they believe. A common one is: What happens when we die?

    Big questions deserve good answers. This warm, empathetic book looks at what the Bible says to help 9-13s think through this big question for themselves. It tackles common fears and stereotypes about the afterlife, and will excite readers about the promise of the new creation. Lively stories and illustrations make this book easy for this age group to engage with.

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  • How Do We Know Christianity Is Really True


    Looks at how we know Christianity is really true, to help 9-13s grow in confident and considered faith.

    Sooner or later, kids have big questions about God, life, faith, and the Bible, especially when their friends start asking them about what they believe. A common one is: How do we know Christianity is really true?

    Big questions deserve good answers. This pithy, fun, and fast-paced book looks at what the Bible says to help 9-13s think through this big question for themselves. It explains why we can trust the Gospels as real historical documents and walks through the evidence for Jesus’ resurrection. Lively stories and illustrations make this book easy for this age group to engage with.

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