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Tracy Sumner

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  • Psalms : An All-in-One Study On God’s Song Book


    Here’s the tool you need to study scripture on your own.

    Bible study always takes effort, but this book simplifies the process. Here, in one handy spiral-bound volume, is everything you need to get started:

    *Bible text
    *study outlines
    *explanatory notes
    *ample writing space

    Featuring 30 studies highlighting key Psalms, this book walks you through the “inductive” study process of Observation, Interpretation, and Application. And it also includes thoughtful questions unique to each study.

    Explanatory notes, adapted from Barbour’s popular KJV Study Bible, aid your understanding.

    With all the necessary tools in a single package and highlighting the most important passages of scripture, Psalms: An All-in-One Study on God’s Song Book is a powerful resource both for beginners and longtime Bible students.

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  • Consider Jesus : Is There A Solution To The World’s Problems


    What does our world need most?

    Not education or jobs.

    Not government reform or health care.

    Our world needs Jesus.

    Why does our world seem so out of kilter? Why are people unsettled, institutions declining, and society on edge? According to the Bible, which calls itself the Word of God, it’s because human sin has separated us from God and each other. We are desperately in need of an answer. . .a Savior. Consider Jesus provides a clear, winsome case for Jesus Christ as that Savior, the only person who can bring peace between human beings and God–and then throughout society. This book will encourage people who already believe in Jesus, while challenging others to consider the free gift of salvation that He offers.

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  • Know Your Bible Devotions For Men


    You want to know your Bible. . .
    You need to know your Bible. . .
    You can know your Bible.

    Inspired by the 3-million-copy bestseller, Know Your Bible Devotions for Men provides a reading a day for an entire year. Each entry focuses on an important verse of scripture, offering background, insight, and an encouraging takeaway. Over the course of twelve months, you’ll get a fascinating overview of all 66 books in order–an excellent primer if you’re new to God’s Word, and a helpful refresher if you’re already familiar with scripture.

    Know Your Bible Devotions for Men also includes a complete, 365-day Bible reading plan if you want to go beyond the devotionals themselves. It’s a powerful resource for readers from the teen years and up.

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  • Bible Memory Plan And Devotional For Men


    A Daily Devotional that Encourages Scripture Memorization. . .Just for Men!

    Here is a inspiring and practical pairing: a Bible memory plan with encouraging devotional thoughts! A Bible memory verse, twice a day for every day of the year, will encourage you to commit God’s Word to heart, while morning and evening devotional thoughts and prayers further reinforce the theme of the day’s memory verse. The Bible Memory Plan and Devotional for Men is a great reminder to spend quality time in God’s Word each and every day. It’s a great book to give as a gift or use for your own personal quiet time.

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  • Discover Bible Heroes


    So you think you know all the most important Bible characters?
    Great. . .but you’ll learn even more here!

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the main character of the whole Bible. But God used many men, women, and children to fulfill His plan to bring salvation to the world. Discover Bible Heroes is written just for 8-12-year-olds, to help you get to know the 50 most important people in the Bible. Find out:
    *who these people were and why they’re important
    *the things they did and said
    *what the Bible says about them
    *what their stories can teach us

    From the Garden of Eden through the story of the early church in the New Testament, here are 50 important Bible characters that you should know. You’ll love this illustrated adventure for kids ages 8-12.

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  • 3 Minute Prayers For Men


    Got 3 minutes, guys? . . . You’ll find just the inspiration you need for life in 3-Minute Prayers for Men. This devotional prayer title packs a powerful dose of inspiration into just-right-sized readings for men of all ages and backgrounds. Each of these 180 prayers, written specifically for devotional quiet time, meets you right where you are-and is complemented by a relevant scripture and question for further thought. Addressing the vital issues of life common to all men-such as the two great commandments of loving God and loving others, having and being a friend, leaving a legacy, purity, and the thought life-3-Minute Prayers for Men will lead you step-by-step into a closer walk with God the Father and Jesus His Son.

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