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Trivia and Q&A

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  • Bible Trivia Word Searches (Large Type)


    Bible Trivia Word Searches Large Print is an exciting Bible word search game with a twist!

    Dozens of word search puzzles feature Bible clues given in the form of trivia. . .then you have to figure out the correct answers to the Bible trivia to discover the words you need to search for in the 15×15 puzzle grid. Scripture hints are provided along with the clues in case you need help finding the answers to the trivia. An easy-to-read answer key is provided for each puzzle. Bible Trivia Word Searches Large Print is a fun way to deepen your knowledge of God’s Word!

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  • Kids Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches


    Calling all 8-to-12-year-olds. . .you’ll love the double challenge of Kids’ Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches!

    Here’s a fantastic collection of Bible puzzles with a bonus–“hidden trivia” questions made from the leftover letters!

    These 100 puzzles are based on the easy-reading New Life and Simplified King James Versions. They cover all of scripture–from Genesis to Revelation–including the:

    *things and

    of God’s Word. First, you’ll find the 13-18 search words in the puzzle grid. Then you’ll read the leftover letters for a related Bible trivia question. Kids’ Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches is a great way to turn “down time” into something great!

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  • Bible Trivia Quiz


    How well do you know your Bible?

    Find out with Bible Trivia Quiz: 500 Questions & Answers!

    Inside this book, you’ll find fifty 10-question quizzes to test your knowledge of favorite stories and topics in God’s Word. You’ll be challenged on categories from:

    *Acts of the Apostles” to “Cities”
    *”Husbands and Wives” to “Parables”
    *”Numbers” to “The Word of God”

    There’s no better book than God’s Book, and Bible Trivia Quiz will encourage you to know more about the scriptures. It’s an excellent resource for personal reading, Sunday school classes, and small groups.

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  • Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches


    You love word searches. . .

    You love the Bible. . .

    Y ou’ll love the double challenge of Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches!

    Here’s a brand-new collection of Bible puzzles with a bonus–“hidden trivia” questions made from the leftover letters!

    These 100 puzzles are based on the familiar and beloved King James Version and cover the gamut of scripture–from Genesis to Revelation, including the

    *things and

    …of God’s Word. First, you’ll find the 22-30 search words in the puzzle grid. Then you’ll read the uncircled letters for a related Bible trivia question.

    Hidden Trivia Bible Word Searches is a great way to turn “down time” into something productive!

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  • Bible Trivia Devotional


    You may have learned a lot about the Bible when you were growing up, or maybe you’ve just picked it up recently. It’s good to jump back in and remember some of those facts that may have seemed a little trivial at first.

    In this fun Bible Trivia Devotional, you will be challenged to think beyond the answers to their daily application. Recall Scriptures, heroes of the faith, miracles, historical places and events and discover how they are all relevant to you in this moment. Glean new insight and perspective from old, familiar passages.

    The Bible is always worth studying; spending time reading it is never a waste. And the best part is that it’s not trivial at all. It isn’t just head knowledge or rote memory. The Word of God is alive and active! It is life-changing, brimming with hope, joy, wisdom, and peace. Dive in today!

    It is the same with my word.
    I send it out, and it always produces fruit.
    It will accomplish all I want it to,
    and it will prosper everywhere I send it.
    Isaiah 55:11 NLT

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  • Puzzle A Day Keeps The Senior Moments Away


    You’ll find hours of fund with this assortment of brain-building puzzles. Sharpen your memory with trivia, use your keen observation skills in visual puzzles, challenge your brain with word searches and so much more!

    You’ll find hours of fund with this assortment of brain-building puzzles. Sharpen your memory with trivia, use your keen observation skills in visual puzzles, challenge your brain with word searches and so much more!

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  • Fantastic Pocket Bible Trivia


    Travel-Sized Bible Trivia for Every Age and Occasion

    Created by a Guinness World Records Puzzle Master, this pocket-sized trivia collection contains not only hundreds of challenging questions drawn from the Bible but also these entertaining bonus materials:

    * Scripture fill-in-the-blank challenges
    * “Did You Know” facts
    * Bible crosswords
    * Bible word searches

    Designed to teach, challenge, enlighten, and entertain, this compendium of trivia guarantees hours of fun for all ages.

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  • 1000 Trivia Facts About The Bible


    1,000 Trivia Facts About the Bible?is a fun, informative, and entertaining way to see how well you know the Good Book. This trivia book is perfect for people of all ages and is a great resource for families or church groups.

    Designed to be a creative way to entertain and educate both kids and adults, this Bible trivia book will make learning a treat. Packed with facts and trivia from both the Old and New Testaments, it’s a perfect tool to build your own Bible trivia quizzes or keep the kids engaged during road trips.

    Inside this Bible trivia book you’ll discover questions such as:
    *According to Jewish tradition, how old was Jacob when he first laid eyes on Rachel?
    *What are the four names used for God in the book of Genesis?
    *Do you know which miracles were placed in the Ark of the Covenant?
    *How many chapters and verses are in Exodus?

    Organized by books of the Bible, this affordable trivia book is great for anyone interested in the Bible, small groups and youth groups, and homeschoolers. 1,000 Trivia Facts About the Bible is a great resource to have in your library, an Easter basket gift, or as a perfect stocking stuffer.

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  • Everyday Bible Trivia Collection


    Spend your down time productively with a Bible trivia quiz!

    Test your memory and enhance your Bible knowledge with the Everyday Bible Trivia Collection. Each day for an entire year, you’ll be quizzed on the fascinating people and places, times and teachings, objects and oddities of the Bible, with questions such as:

    *What was Matthew’s occupation before he became a disciple of Jesus?
    *What hardworking insect does the writer of Proverbs tell lazy people to learn from?
    *What king burned the scroll of Jeremiah’s prophecies?
    *What priest did the apostle Paul call a “whitewashed wall”?
    *What mountain, where Moses received the Ten Commandments, shook as the Lord came down on it?

    Perfect for quiz fans of all ages, the Everyday Bible Trivia Collection promises a whole year of fun!

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  • Kids Bible Trivia


    The Bible is anything but trivial. . .yet trivia quizzes are a great way to get kids interested in scripture’s deeper truths.

    Here’s a fun and fascinating book offering twenty, six-question quizzes for 6-10-year-olds. Each quiz starts easy, with questions from the most familiar stories, then gets progressively harder.

    Inside, you’ll find questions on stories like:

    *Noah’s flood
    *the little tax collector Zacchaeus
    *Jesus and Lazarus
    *the wise men
    *Moses and the Red Sea
    *and dozens of others

    How well do you know the Bible? Find out here!

    If you get stuck, “Bible Bonuses” provide help. You can

    *”Double Your Chances” by learning two of the wrong answers, or
    *”Look in the Book” with a reference to the answer in God’s Word

    And each question is accompanied by an intriguing “Did You Know?” that adds to the fun.

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  • Ultimate Pocket Bible Trivia


    The perfect pocket-sized resource to educate and entertain, this handy book is filled with thousands of Bible trivia questions, quizzes, word searches, and crosswords, and is created by a Guinness World Records Puzzle Master.

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  • 1000 Bible Q And As


    So you think you know the Bible?
    Okay, prove it!

    The Bible’s a big, serious book-but it’s also full of fun and fascinating detail lending itself to trivia quizzes. So here’s a brand-new collection of 1,000 questions, divided into 100 categories, designed to see just what you remember from God’s Word.

    How’s your knowledge of. . .
    *All Creatures, Great and Small (animals of the Bible)
    *Days of Creation (the origins account of Genesis 1-2)
    *Getting from Here to There (biblical transportation)
    *Lies and Consequences (the disasters of dishonesty)
    *People to See (beautiful Bible folks)
    *Places to Go (important scripture locales)
    *Z People (names that begin with the alphabet’s final letter)

    . . .and dozens of other topics? You’ll find out here!

    Some categories are truly trivial, and just for fun-while others share important details about scripture, God, and Christian living. A variety of question types-open-ended, multiple choice, and “true or trick”-will be challenging without overwhelming you with minutiae.

    1,000 Bible Q&As is ideal for Sunday schools, small groups, family game nights, or personal reading, for readers from junior high and up.

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  • Bible Infographics For Kids Volume 2


    Ding, ding, ding! Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Bible Infographics for Kids Vol. 2, where we’re going to compare some of the most AWESOME opposites from God’s Word and witness amazingly EPIC battles between good and evil.

    See these fierce foes square off in the infographic octagon:
    *Light vs Darkness-and why you’ll never see them in the same place.
    *Angels vs Demons-both are powerful, but only one side will win in the end.
    *Feats of God vs Failures of Men-God did incredible things. Men? Not so much.
    *False Gods vs the One True God-separating the many pretenders from the only real contender.
    *Heaven vs. Hell-hell is no joke. But neither is heaven. It will be seriously mind-blowing!
    *Plus…fantastic animals, fallen empires, the 411 on the four Gospels, and way more!

    And yes, we’re going to explore more fun and quirky facts from God’s Word and gain a bunch of Bible knowledge along the way. Because that’s what infographics do. They make the most exciting book in the world that much more craze-mazing!

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  • Mysteries Of The Bible


    Did you know that amazing facts, eye-opening wonders, and intriguing curiosities are woven through the story of God’s great love? There are marvels to explore and truths to discover and rediscover. So, with pencil in hand, free your inner sleuth! You’re sure to find hours of fun and a trove of things to think about as you investigate these Bible puzzles, quizzes, trivia, and brain teasers!

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  • Knowing Jesus : Finding Friendship With The Son Of God


    One of three uniquely designed books on God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Written by Nancy Taylor and Philip Ryken.
    Knowing Jesus has 60 important questions about who Jesus is, and why He died for us on the cross. The answers to these questions will help believers to understand Jesus better, and grow in their faith. The beautiful classic designed hardcover and elegant gold foiled accents make this an exquisite gift book for anyone in your life.
    One-color insides
    Ribbon Marker
    Gilt-edged pages

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  • Bible Infographics For Kids Volume 1


    The Bible is far from boring, but sometimes it can feel that way to kids. Spark their excitement for God’s Word with this craze-mazing collection of infographic spreads designed to make the Bible come alive for kids and adults alike. These colorful creations visually depict the key concepts, important people, and most unusual facts from the Bible in a new and exciting way.

    For instance, did you know?
    *You’d need 6,377,966 soccer balls to fill up Noah’s Ark.
    *Paul travelled over 10,000 miles on his missionary journeys-the distance from New York City to Rio Grande at the tip of South America.
    *There is a talking donkey in the Bible.
    *Roughly 3-4 million left Egypt during the Exodus. Imagine the entire city of Los Angeles leaving town and wandering in the desert for 40 years!
    *The phrase “a leopard can’t change its spots” comes from Jeremiah 13:23

    In addition to the incredible infographics found throughout, you and your kids will love playing a Bible timeline board game that folds out from the middle of the book. This game will help your family see God’s awesome plan from Genesis to Revelation!

    Instill in your kids a lifelong love of God and the Bible. And who knows? You might learn a thing or two yourself along the way.

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  • If You Could Ask God One Question


    Where To Begin?

    1. If You’re Really There, God, Why On Earth Don’t You Prove It?
    2. Isn’t The Bible Just A Bunch Of Made Up Stories?
    3. All Good People Go To Heaven, Right?
    4. If You’re A God Of Love, Why Send Anyone To Hell?
    5. If Jesus Really Was Your Son, How Come He Got Killed?
    6. If I Can Be Forgiven Everything, Doesn’t That Mean I Can Do Whatever I Like?
    7. How Can Anyone Be Sure There’s Life After Death?
    8. What About Followers Of Other Religions?
    9. Isn’t Faith Just A Psychological Crutch?
    10. Why Do You Allow Suffering?
    11. Why Do You Hate Sex?
    12. Why Don’t You Just Do A Miracle?
    13. So, God, If You Could Ask Me One Question, What Would It Be?

    What Now?

    Additional Info
    If you could ask God one question, and you knew it would be answered, what would it be?

    Paul Williams and Barry Cooper have spent several years asking people that question. And inside this book, they reveal the results: the 12 most frequently asked questions about God.

    But this isn’t just a book about questions. There are answers too. Answers from the lips of the most powerful, insightful and extraordinary figure in all of human history.

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