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Tara Leach

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  • Live In The Light


    We are in a season of church meltdown.

    The apostle John-the beloved disciple and the author of the Gospel by the same name-wrote letters to churches caught in a turbulent season of leadership failures, divisions over interpretation and practice, church splits, and even a powerful leader stirring up dissent. Sound familiar? It seems as though the church is melting under an angry heat wave of national politics, racism, injustice, and abuse.

    Is there any hope?

    Tara Beth Leach invites us to listen for John’s guidance to the church. The same message John sent to Christians in his day is also a message for us today! Darkness seems to surround us, leaving so many without hope. But Jesus, the Light of the world, invites his followers to share that light with others and become the kind of community that brings love, hope, and healing to every darkened space.

    Join us for these next six weeks and learn to live in the light!

    A New Bible Study Experience From IVP!

    These Bible studies offer you a fresh opportunity to engage with Scripture. Each study includes:

    *weekly group sessions-for a group of any size
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    *five days of individual study and reflection each week

    The refreshing, accessible, and insightful content from trusted Bible teachers will encourage you in your faith!

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