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Tim Challies

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  • Estaciones Sde Afliccion – (Spanish)


    Una mirada honesta al dolor y los miedos, la fe y la esperanza. Combinando narrativa personal, teologia solida y escritura hermosa, este es un libro para cualquiera que haya amado y perdido.

    El 3 de noviembre de 2020, Tim y Aileen Challies recibieron la impactante noticia de que su hijo Nick habia muerto. Un estudiante de 20 aos, del Seminario Teologico Bautista del Sur en Louisville, Kentucky, habia estado participando en una actividad escolar con su prometida, su hermana y amigos, cuando quedo inconsciente y se desplomo en el suelo.

    Ni los estudiantes, ni un medico que estaba de paso, ni los paramedicos pudieron reanimarlo. Sus padres recibieron la noticia en su casa en Toronto e inmediatamente partieron hacia Louisville para estar juntos en familia. Mientras estaba en el avion, Tim, autor y bloguero, comenzo a procesar su perdida a traves de la escritura. En Estaciones de afliccion, Tim comparte reflexiones en tiempo real en el primer ao de duelo, a traves de las estaciones, desde el otoo hasta el verano, presentando a los lectores lo que el describe como el “ministerio del dolor”.

    Estaciones de afliccion beneficiara tanto a aquellos que estan yendo a traves del dolor como a aquellos que consuelan a otros:

    *Vea como Dios es soberano sobre la perdida y es bueno en la perdida

    *Descubra como puede pasar por momentos de dolor manteniendo su fe

    *Aprenda como la doctrina biblica puede funcionar incluso en las situaciones mas dificiles de la vida

    *Comprenda como es posible amar a Dios mas despues de la perdida de lo que lo amaba antes

    Seasons of Sorrow

    An honest look at grief and fears, faith and hope. Combining personal narrative, sound theology, and beautiful writing, this is a book for anyone who has loved and lost.

    On November 3, 2020, Tim and Aileen Challies received the shocking news that their son Nick had died. A twenty-year-old student at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, he had been participating in a school activity with his fiancee, sister, and friends, when he fell unconscious and collapsed to the ground.

    Neither students nor a passing doctor nor paramedics were able to revive him. His parents received the news at their home in Toronto and immediately departed for Louisville to be together as a family. While on the plane, Tim, an author, and blogger, began to process his loss through writing. In Seasons of Sorrow, Tim shares real-time reflections from the first year of grief–throu

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  • Understanding And Trusting Our Great God


    This unique devotional from bestselling author Tim Challies features quotes and commentary that give readers a greater understanding of who God is.

    “To know God is to love him, and to love him is to have our hearts thrilled by him.”-Tim Challies

    Do you desire to deepen your understanding of God and trust him more fully? This beautifully designed devotional features poignant reflections from author Tim Challies on the quotable wisdom of some of Christianity’s most influential voices.

    In each chapter, Tim shares his spiritual insights on a different aspect of God’s character-his wisdom, power, holiness, justice, goodness, and faithfulness. The more you learn about who God is, the more your love for him will grow, leading to greater joy and delight in him.

    With thought-provoking words and inspiring imagery, Understanding and Trusting Our Great God will grow your faith in extraordinary ways.

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  • Seasons Of Sorrow


    On November 3, 2020, Tim and Aileen Challies received the shocking news that their son Nick had died. A 20-year-old student at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, he had been participating in a school activity with his fiancee, sister, and friends, when he fell unconscious and collapsed to the ground. Neither students, nor a passing doctor, nor paramedics were able to revive him. His parents received the news at their home in Toronto and immediately departed for Louisville to be together as a family. While on the plane, Tim, an author and blogger, began to process his loss through writing.

    Nick’s death resonated through the evangelical world. His memorial service in the United States and funeral in Canada were watched by thousands. Tim’s blog posts were read by hundreds of thousands as he gave voice to his sorrow and anguish, but also to his faith and hope. Seasons of Sorrow includes a selection of those early reflections, but also many pieces Tim has written since and not shared with the public. Separated into four seasons, from Fall to Summer, and written mostly in the present tense, Seasons of Sorrow shares real-time reflections from the first year of his grief.

    Seasons of Sorrow begins in the Challies living room with the phone call every parent dreads–We did everything we could. It ends exactly one year later as Tim ponders the final first. In a year of many firsts–a first Thanksgiving with an empty chair, a first Christmas with an empty stocking, a first birthday with no gifts, the anniversary of Nick’s death is the final first and, thus, a fitting conclusion. Along the way, Tim shares the poignancy of his early grief, the doubts and fears that plagued him, the faith that sustained him, and the hope that has given him joy even through such sorrow.

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  • Run To Win


    Plan to Run, Train to Run…Run to Win

    Anyone can start a race, but it takes planning and training to finish it.

    A good long-distance runner knows the importance of planning his race. As he passes the starting line he is already considering how he will cross the finish line. As he takes his first easy step, he has planned how he will take his last grueling step.

    As a Christian man, you are already running the race of life. You are not competing against other people, but against the deadly enemies of the world, the flesh, and the devil. How do you plan to maintain your pace throughout this race? To obtain the prize, you will need to run to the very end. You will need to cross that finish line. And to do that, you will need to plan your race. You will need to plan the ways you will run today so you can continue to run in the difficult days ahead. That is what this book is all about.

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  • Aging Gracefully


    How does the Bible instruct us as we grow older? Age gracefully, age wisely, age resolutely to the glory of God.

    There are few longings in my heart deeper than this: That God would let me live a godly, purposeful, dignified old age. I mean to encourage us both to age gracefully, to age wisely, to age resolutely to God’s glory.

    We are all aging. We are passing through time until we reach the end of our time. We soon learn that greater age brings greater sorrow but also greater joy, especially to those who are in Christ.

    To age gracefully we must age in Christ and for Christ. What does it look like to age gracefully? What do we need to be doing now to ensure we finish this race strong?

    These are questions for all Christians, young and old. Thankfully the Bible speaks clearly about how to age and how to age well. Join me in exploring what the Bible has to say about age and aging and learn how we can all hear those beautiful words, “well done, good and faithful servant.”

    -Tim Challies

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  • Devoted : Great Men And Their Godly Moms



    History tells of women whose love for the Bible shaped its earliest and most prominent teachers. It tells of women who were great theologians, yet whose only students were their children. It tells, time and again, of Christian men who owe much to their godly mothers. Come take a brief look at eleven of them. from the church’s earliest days to now.

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  • Set An Example


    God means for your life to be a canvas, the setting for a beautiful work of art. And he also expects this work of art to be seen, admired, and imitated…

    I want to speak to you if you are 16 or 18 or in your 20s, if you are in high school or college or just moving into marriage and career. I want to speak to you and want to speak with you.

    There are many ways to invest your time at this stage of your life, but the Bible has convinced me that none is better than the pursuit of godliness. In Paul’s letter to young Timothy, you (yes, you!) are called to be an example to your peers and even to older Christians. He calls you to set an example of maturity and godliness in your speech, conduct, love, faith, and purity.

    Join me as together we explore these areas and see how they apply to what you think, what you say, what is hidden in your heart, and what is broadcast in your life.

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  • Character Of The Christian


    Learn to be a model of Christian maturity.

    D.A. Carson has pointed out that the list of qualifications for elders is “remarkable for being unremarkable.” Why? Because these traits are repeated elsewhere as qualities that ought to characterize all believers.

    Are you growing in godliness? How would you even know?

    A good place to begin is understanding and imitating the character qualifications the Bible lays out for elders. While elders are meant to exemplify these traits, all Christians are to display them. And, with just one exception, each of them is related to character.

    Join me as I explore the Bible to consider how we can better exemplify the highest Christian virtues. As we consider the character of the Christian, we will spur one another on to love, good works, and Christlikeness.

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  • Commandment We Forgot


    A commandment from God. A commandment with a promise. A commandment we forgot.

    We are all children, we ought to pursue God’s blessings, and we need to give prominence to God’s prominent command: Honor your father and your mother. For these reasons, we can no longer ignore the forgotten Fifth Commandment.

    This commandment is not just for children. Rather, it pertains to the whole of life and to every person of every age. In the home, the church, and the workplace, it provides a stable foundation for all of society. Yet, we often neglect it and fail to appreciate its relevance to our lives. It is the commandment we forgot.

    This booklet is a brief exploration of the Fifth Commandment: Honor your father and your mother. It answers important questions relevant to every Christian: Does this commandment expire when we move out of our parents’ home and gain our independence? Does it cease being relevant once we are married? Is obedience synonymous with honor? Do we need to be prepared to provide for them financially? What if our parents are especially difficult or unworthy of respect?

    My hope is that this booklet will restore the centrality of the fifth commandment, even and especially to adults. Let’s look together to the Bible and, ultimately, to Jesus Christ as the perfect fulfillment of the commandment we forgot.

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  • Do More Better Student Edition (Student/Study Guide)



    In Do More Better – Student Editon, you will learn: > Common obstacles to productivity > The great purpose behind productivity > 3 essential tools > The power of daily & weekly routines > How to balance, school, family, church, & the rest of life > & much more! It really is possible to live a calm, orderly life.

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  • Do More Better A Practical Guide To Productivity


    Don’t try to do it all. Do more good. Better. I am no productivity guru. I am a writer, a church leader, a husband, and a father with many responsibilities and with new tasks coming at me all the time. I wrote this short, fast-paced, practical guide to productivity to share what I have learned about getting things done in today’s digital world. Whether you are a student or a professional, a work-from-home dad or a stay-at-home mom, it will help you learn to structure your life to do the most good to the glory of God. In Do More Better, you will learn: > Common obstacles to productivity > The great purpose behind productivity > 3 essential tools for getting things done > The power of daily and weekly routines > And much more, including bonus material on taming your email and 20 tips I have learned along the way. It really is possible to live a calm and orderly life, sure of your responsibilities and confident in your progress. You can do more better. And I would love to help you get there. -Tim Challies

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  • Sexual Detox : A Guide For Guys Who Are Sick Of Porn


    Sick of porn? Time to detox. A huge percentage of men need a porn detox, a moral and psychological reset. Do you? If so, whether you know it or not, pornography has corrupted your thinking, weakened your conscience, warped your sense of right and wrong, and twisted your understanding and expectations of sexuality. You need a reset by the One who created sex. In this book, I hope to help you reorient your understanding of sex, both in the big picture and in the act itself, according to God’s plan for this great gift. I want to help you detox from all the junk you’ve seen, all the lies you’ve believed. This is not an easy process. It is rarely a quick process. It involves a letting go of old realities and an embrace of a new normal. To be willing to go through it you need to see how bad your current situation really is, and how the path you are on leads no place good. You need to see that the path of porn leads only to more isolation, guilt, alienation, and pain. Whether single or married, such a reset to normal is the only thing that can ever equip you to become a pure, loving, attentive, sacrificial husband. But you already know you need to change. Few Christian men indulge in porn without realizing they need to quit. Every Christian guy who looks at porn wants to stop, but many of us want to stop just a little bit less than we want to keep going. The problem isn’t knowledge. It’s desire and ability. So sin prevails. Here’s a promise. You’ll never stop until you begin to see the monstrous nature of the sin you’re committing. You’ll never stop until the sin is more horrifying to you than the commission of the sin is enjoyable. You’ll need to hate that sin before you can find freedom from it. That means you need more grace. You need to cry out to be changed and to see the monstrous nature of this sin. And then you need to behave in faith that God will meet you with grace as you act to cut off the porn and begin the reset. -Tim Challies

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